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Successful Marketing For Local Businesses


Here is a small selection of some of the great people we have been working with and some of their real world results.


 Rob's CPC Drops From £27 to £1.44!


Two years ago, Rob, a business owner of a large electrical ecommerce site got in touch to see if I could help reduce his conversion costs down on his Adgroups from the £27 mark. Taking a look at his AdWords account I could see areas for improvement but I knew it would also be tough, labor intensive work. However, I had confidence in Rob's website and great product range so I agreed.

We implemented a very specific structure whereby his individual product keywords could link to their own ads and specific product landing pages - I also updated the prices within the ads every week. I knew that customers were more likely to buy if they saw what they were looking for, and with the price in the ad, they could comparison shop without wasting clicks. Needless to say, Rob loved our ideas.

Within the first month I had brought his conversion costs down from £27 to £12! Over the next couple of months I got it down even further to around £9. Now his conversions costs for that AdGroup are around £3.44 each month! And his other Adgroups range from £9 to just £1.14! And for a major electrical online retailer this is awesome news.



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"We have been working with Paul Williams for over four years and have been consistently impressed by both the level of service, expertise and professionalism offered by Paul and his team. In the relatively short time we have worked with him, Paul has turned around our adwords program creating a valuable revenue stream which achieves the high targets we have set for cost per sale.

"Paul has really taken the time to understand our business and products and is in contact with our staff at least a few times a week to refine further. Such commitment and insight into a clients business is rare to find today, and we are more than pleased with using and recommending Paul".

Rob Levey,





 How Mark Went Up Against The Big Boys... And Won!


Mark contacted me because he needed more phone calls into his water leak detection business. He ran his own campaigns but it was hit and miss and he needed consistency. But he had a problem. A low budget meant he couldn't compete with the big boys.  Nor could he afford to make the mistakes he was making.

Within the first couple of weeks, I managed to transform his campaigns and add a whole range of negative keywords that prevented his budget being wasted.

Then I set up new keywords and a tight daily budget that brought in the calls and now his campaigns are so strong his positions are higher than most of his bigger competition - but his daily budget is still small by comparison!

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"I am very pleased that we decided back in October 2008 to utilise the services of Paul Williams. After months of managing our own Google Adwords campaigns, we found that we were spending a considerable amount of money each month, our listings were way down the pile, and our cost on marketing per job secured was unacceptable.

"We engaged Paul to assess our business and campaigns, provide us with a system and structure that would be more beneficial, and most importantly reduce our costs. He has excelled in every way, our costs are down, our turnover is up, and our position has risen to be constantly within the top three.

"The business growth of our consultancy has been the result of an enjoyable, positive and enthusiastic relationship between our businesses... a business relationship that will continue throughout the coming years... Excellent work... thank you."

Mark Dobson, Water Network Solutions Ltd



Beverly Woke Up From Her Big-Agency Nightmare


Beverley was different. She owns a large bricks and mortar company that has a pretty big PPC budget. She knew they needed help but had been let down by an agency before. I visited with them at their offices and got a real grilling!

Beverley asked all sorts of tough questions and was concerned about everything from click fraud to losing control of her account! After explaining how it all works, Beverley enthusiastically agreed for me to start work on her account. Within the first few weeks I had trimmed away all the fat, all the irrelevant keywords that were bringing in wasted clicks and cut up her Adgroups into specific sections with newly written ads. She was pleasantly surprised when she got her first report showing that her spend had been reduced despite getting more high quality clicks. And to be honest, Beverley was just pleasantly surprised to get a report in the first place as the other agency hadn't done anything like that.




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"After failing to understand the dark art of managing a successful adword campaign and working with other so called professionals who in fact knew less than ourselves I stumbled across Paul Williams and was immediately impressed by the transparency in which he operates.

"He really made an effort to understand my business first and kept us informed and involved throughout the entire process. As well as implementing a campaign and strategy for us, he even took the time to educate us along the way. Furthermore, he made excellent suggestions for our website and landing pages which we made immediately.

"The results were, our CPC were significantly reduced to an all time low. Our positions rank amongst the top. And we received more conversions than we did previously. At a time when it is imperative that businesses maximise the return on every marketing pound spent, I can't recommend Paul Williams enough."

Jason Osbourne, Move2Digital





 Tim Starts On Trial Basis and Still Going Strong 3 Years Later!


Tim is owner of a London based IT firm and is in a VERY competitive cut-throat industry. I was invited to pitch against some other agencies which to be honest always scares me. You see, although I'm the Director here at Mentem I don't like to employ any slick salesperson to go out and get me clients. I work on a lot of accounts here and prefer to speak with new potential clients myself so we can talk straight and direct and I can decide if I think we really can help them.

So here I am in London, and I'm the last one to pitch. Tim and his partner are tired after having been "jargoned" on all day long by other agencies and now its my turn. We sit and talk for a while and I gain an understanding about their business. Then I pull out some research into keywords I had done prior to the meeting (which for some reason, the other agencies didn't do) and go through the numbers. I finish by apologising for not giving a mesmerising presentation and explain how best I thought we could help them. Because we didn't tie them into any contracts they could just try us for one month before making a long term decision.

I didn't realise until Tim said, that we were the cheapest. I guess we should be as we don't have all the staff, glitz, massive magazine ad campaigns and overheads of the bigger agencies. Well Tim figured he had nothing to lose and hired us to get to work. And within that first month we had made progress. Nothing amazing, nothing dramatic, but Tim was at last bidding on keywords that previously were too expensive. And it's been a steady improvement ever since! We are just about to start work on another huge and very important campaign for Tim which would never have been possible if it was not for our open and honest discussion that day in London and our hard word and expertise since.  Tim's company is still dominating the competitive world of server space in the UK today.




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"All in all I'm really happy with the impact this project has made. Thanks for all your efforts, patience handling my questions and concerns, and for the additional marketing advice I have gained through this process. Your advice has really been invaluable and I feel I've learned significantly more through this process than I was expecting. It really has been hugely appreciated.

"What is great from my point of view is that having worked with you not only do I have hugely increased reach in terms of my advertising but I now feel that I have at least a semblance of control over how Google works and my account is far more flexible. I feel confident there is business out there right now - in this climate that is comforting to say the least."

Andrew Brackenbury, ABrackenbury Photography




This is just a small collection of our current clients and I could happily yap on all day about the rest because I do genuinely feel lucky and privileged to be working with such a great selection of business owners and entrepreneurs.



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