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How To Get Google To Send You More Customers


It doesn't seem like long ago that attract customers all you needed was an ad in the Yellow Pages and maybe a couple in the local newspaper.

But those days are over.

The fact of the matter is the marketing techniques that were solid and reliable for local businesses to reach their market in the past are no longer working.  They are simply not bringing in the business because people just don't use them anymore.  Businesses that are still using such outdated forms of advertising are throwing away thousands and thousands of pounds on ineffective marketing every month.

If you are one of these people still investing in such ads, ask 10 people where their copy of the Yellow Pages is.  Most can't tell you or will admit to putting it in the recycling bin shortly after it arrived.  Be honest - do you know where you copy of the Yellow Pages is right now?  What does that tell you about the money you're spending?

Google’s mission has provided the opportunity for every type of businesses to flourish in ways that were impossible before.

When people want to find something, buy something, research a purchase, they jump on the Internet – at home or on their phone and do a search. If they don’t see your business in the results, they won’t know you exist; won’t buy from you. It’s that simple.

exeter internet marketing

Unlike any other type of traditional advertising (newspaper, magazines, radio, tv),…

  • Internet marketing can be tracked for results: number of searches, clicks, page views etc. So, you’ll know right away whether your online presence is bringing in business.
  • Search engine rankings are self-evident. Higher rankings = more traffic coming into your business than lower rankings (your competitors).
  • Internet marketing can be optimized over time to ratchet up traffic coming into the business. With analytics installed, it’s easy to see where the weak links are and optimize them for ever more traffic and conversion.

There’s nothing pie-in-the-sky about marketing online. It’s safe, trackable and is by far the highest return on investment compared to any other advertising outlet.

Whatever you are paying for newspaper, radio or other such traditional advertising – your pounds will go much further online. However, getting online traffic into your business can be very confusing.

  • Web designers will say you need a new website.
  • Search engine optimization experts will argue that the problem lies in your low ranking.
  • Copywriters will say that it’s your marketing message.
  • Social networking experts will say you need to be Tweeting, and Facebooking, etc.
  • Yellow Pages reps will say you must have an ad in the Online Yellow Pages.
  • Branding experts will say, yes, you guessed it, the branding and positioning of your company is the problem.

And then there are the larger advertising agencies that take care of all of the above. They’ll say everything is the problem.

Of course there is never an answer that fits every business.

It depends on so many factors, starting with where you currently rank and where your competitors rank on the search engines, the size of your market and the number of searches for your product or service.

However, each activity will fall into just one of two groups - traffic or conversions - that's it! That's the only formula there is:


exeter search engine optimisation

I've been helping companies in the real world increase their bottom line since 2002 by focusing on these two key areas.

Success or failure with marketing online rests on these two abilities. Everything else is a distraction. If an action does not lead to bringing in more quality traffic to your website, it is a waste of time and money. If your website is not good at turning visitors into enquiries or sales, then any traffic is going to be wasted.

We'll look at increasing your conversions in a moment, for now let's look at...

How To Get More Traffic to Your Website


Every day, the big three search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) receive thousands of searches for all sorts of things. By researching those specific keywords that relate to you and your business is the first step. The key to successful marketing is showing up at the precise moment that a customer is looking for a solution to her problem. By finding out the keywords your customers use will enable you to target these and narrow your focus for stronger intensity.

internet marketing exeterON PAGE OPTIMISATION

On page optimisation covers a range of strategies including keywords, images, meta data, heading tags and stuff like that to get you to show up in the natural listings. Whilst basic in nature, it is a key part of optimisation and the more pages a website has, the more opportunities to tune into traffic.

My philosophy is simple with on page optimisation - everything should be optimised even contact pages, privacy pages and pages you don't care about. Every page needs to be part of the process.


Where are your customers based? Where is your territory? If your customers are local, then your marketing should be local based, and this is possible with online marketing. Most small businesses make the mistake of thinking the Internet is no use because it's global and what's the point of having an enquiry from someone 6,000 miles away. I agree, there is no point. However, if your website is optimised for local searches then you wont get clicks from martians on the other side of the solar system. For a local business, the Internet can be your biggest lead generator, far more powerful than any Yellow Pages ad of the past.

As an example, consider a plumber in the city of Exeter, Devon. Someone looking for plumbing online has a plumbing problem and needs help. They may type "plumber" into Google and be meet with overwhelming results. Wanting to narrow things down further, they add the wrod "devon" to the search.

Still this brings up plumbers from all over the county, Plymouth, Barnstaple, Sidmouth and some in Exeter. Wanting to narrow down further, they may finally add the word exeter - plumber exeter - and see the results for plumbers in Exeter. Now if you are a plumber in Exeter, you will want to come up tops here including a map on Google with a big red marker on your address, a listing in the local results as well as a listing in the main search results.


Links have always been popular with Google but there is more to it than simply asking for link exchanges and joining spammy farms or link wheels. Getting high quality links from other high quality sites, making sure specific keywords are included into the links are all part of a steady link building programme. This is not a quick fix where a few links can slapped up. It's an ongoing process that helps build your page ranks and drive consistent traffic.


This area of SEO has seen many changes over the years and with the software available today it is even easier to get millions of listings in directories around the world. And that's the problem. In the chase for easy gains, having software submit all your listings while you attend a meeting seems like a great help but in reality it is wasted effort. Pick directory sites that are relevant and will impact your target market. Manual labour isn't as sexy as software, but it is the only way to make it work.


pay per click exeterThere is nothing faster to get your website traffic! The concept of pay per click is fantastic. In a nutshell, it is free advertising. You decide which keywords you'd like to show up for and Google will advertise your classified ad for free.

You only pay when someone actually clicks on the ad link. Compared to the traditional shot-gun approach with all its waste, PPC is highly targeted and shows up exactly when your potential customer is looking to buy.

That's the good part. The other side to this can only be described as walking through a minefield and is the quickest way to blow a fortune.

There are several "defaults" which get you off to a bad start. You absolutley MUST have negative keywords to prevent your ad from showing for certain keywords used by people who have no intention of becoming a customer.

For instance, I have a client who sells coffee machines and we have negatives like "manual" or "cheap". I don't want people clicking on my client's ad and costing money when all they want is a manual to a machine. Another college client has negative words llike "job" or "hairdressing" because we want students clicking on the ad, not teachers looking for a job or people looking for a hairdressing course, which my client doesn't offer.

Pay per click is a big, BIG area and is so important and time consuming it was all I used to do as a Google Professional. Using this one strategy I have turned around an online retailer taking his cost-per-conversion down from £27 to just £2.44!

I have helped build a service company from a sole trader to grow so much he took on staff and opened an office in France.

Another sole trader explained his dream of being busy for three solid days a week and two weeks later he was booked up five days a week!

And one of my team was responsible for getting a holiday company to win the 100-fast track company awards with the Daily Express in one of the most competitive industries and was achieved soley using AdWords.

I don't say all this to brag and be clever, but to highlight how powerful AdWords can be. It is hard work make no mistake, but it can and does work if you know what you're doing. I would suggest reading all you can and stay away from those stupid companies who call promising you to be #1 on Google for five keywords etc.

Making AdWords work is hard work but worth the investment if you have a professional do it for you. If it is cheap, then it is most likely being outsourced to India so tred wisely.   If you are currently using pay per click and would like some help or are considering using this as one of your online strategies click here for our page on Google's AdWords


sidmouth devon internet marketingThis is an opportunity to get some good links out into the world with good article sites that the search engines like.

This helps with page ranking, link popularity and also helps present you as a bit of an authority and builds extra credibility with potential customers.  Any activity that helps build trust in your market place is great, but it does depend on your market and your products or service to decide if this is worth investment.


This is an interesting one because some social media platforms work extremely well for some companies, enabling a viral force of marketing that can be untouched by other means.

The power of social proof can build momentum very quickly any bypass all logical faculties, giving way to large bursts of sales. 

From Tweets to YouTube videos, a carefully thought out social media compagin can bring in oodles of traffic by dominating the search engine pages for popular keywords.

Just make sure it is thought out and don't fall for the folly of updating FaceBook pages with stupid statuses or tweeting about mundane crap that serves no purpose.  It takes effort and careful planning to build a zanny personality into your brand but useful information that helps your customers is always welcome.


There is a strategy I like very much and has proven itself to be very powerful, very quickly.  It is known amongst those in the search engine optimisation industry and has both fans and critics for there are different ways to use this strategy.  I have been a fan of this technique for years now, and have seen it develop, fail, succeed and change.  Yet it is still unknown to most people and it is not a "black hat" naughty technique either.  It is all above board and causes no problems if done correctly.

The catch?

Well it's a bit of work, but nothing that any self-respecting achiever would shy away from.  You want to know what this secret strategy is?

There is only one way to find out.  And that is in person!  Yep.  Sorry.  This is one of my aces and I save it for clients only!

Mentem: Your Online Marketing Partner.

We have the in-house skills and resources to help make your business goals a reality. Relax in the knowledge that you're being looked after and focus your time and attention on what you do best - running your company. I would be happy to meet with you in person and finding out if I can help grow your business. We have a range of packages to suit all ambitions.

Call or email Paul Williams today to arrange a free no-holds barred consultation and see how between us we can get Google to send you more leads, enquiries, customers and clients - and more profit.

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