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How To Turn Traffic Into Profit


Your website is a sales machine working for you day and night, attracting potential customers and then ensuring they do what you want them to and enquire or buy.

Copy of course are the words you use on your website (as well as in an ad, press release, brochure etc) that communicate your business to the world.  But the very purpose of copywriting is to persuade the reader to act.  That action depends on your business model.

The best definition I can offer you of copywriting is simply "salesmanship-in-print".

That phrase was coined more than 70 years ago and it is still bang on today.

The art of copywriting is a skill, an art and a science.  I have been involved in writing copy that sells for over twenty years and I am still learning today.  Here's a thin slice to get you started in the right direction...

The winning formula for your business is built upon an essential “foundation strategy" of delivering valuable theme-based content on your website.  Quality theme-based content builds interested targeted traffic, by providing information that your visitors are searching for and tasty content to delight the all important Search Engines. Yes, you must write to appeal to the engines as well. After all, they are how most people find anything on the Net.


Simply put, your Web site must be a Win-Win-Win proposition for all parties...

  • Your visitor
  • The Search Engines
  • You!

Surfers are looking for information and solutions. But they usually don’t know exactly who or what can provide it. So they rely on Search Engines to source possibilities that are worth their effort to visit. Its through the Search Engines (SEs) that you need to reach your visitors.

Search Engines use computer programs called spiders to go out and bring your site back to its home (ex., the Search Engines database). Another program (called an algorithm) decides whether your site or some other site is more relevant to a search request for a certain keyword.

If a Web surfer searches for "consultant", then Google wants to deliver the most relevant consultant sites on the Net. If someone else searches for "decorator", then Google wants to give that searcher the most relevant sites for that word. You must honestly convince each Search Engine that your page is the most relevant for each keyword that you target and thus deserves a high ranking. If you trick the engine, your success wont last long, and when it discovers the trick, it will ban you.


The answer is not complicated.

The Search Engines are in business, too. Their product is the quality of their search results. Help them make their product better and theyll love you. And, help the searcher, who is your potential visitor and customer. Solve her problem -- deliver what she wants, in spades. Satisfy the whole reason why she is doing the search. If you do this, you add value to the Search Engine’s product. And they’ll love you for it.

You must win, too, of course. How?

Succeed at the first two wins…

By delivering valuable relevant content to both your visitors and the SEs. Remember, people use the Net to find information. Information is contained in text. Compelling text is 1,000% more important than fancy design. After all, if a fancy page has no substance, it delivers no value. Quality content always does.

Try not to distract your visitors from the real goal of your Web site... to get the click through to your monetization model (your order page, or the site of the merchant that you represent, or your contact form, etc). Reinforce through your style and content that you are indeed an authority on your business -- an expert that your visitors can trust.

Bottom line?


Focus on your visitors.

Don’t try to get their attention with bells and whistle

It’s information that they want and need.

The transition from “PREselling” content (i.e., high-value information that your target visitor is searching for) to “selling” copy (i.e. closing the deal and getting the order) is easier once you can clearly answer this question…

What do you most want your visitor to do when she is at your Web site?

Your Most Wanted Response

Or to phrase it more simply…

What is your Most Wanted Response… your MWR?

The answer to that question is critical because you cant start your visitor on a journey through your site until you know the exact destination where you want her to land. Once you set your MWR, you will write every word of your sales copy to reach that goal.

Every headline, subheading, paragraph, sentence will be focused on getting your MWR. So take a few minutes now and ask yourself the question…

What is my Most Wanted Response when a visitor comes to my site?...

  • Is it to make a direct sale, straight off your site?
  • Is it to generate a lead through a response form so that you can follow-up offline?
  • Is it to convince your visitor to take up the offer for a 30 day free trial download for first-hand experience of the product?
  • Is it to get your visitor to subscribe to your newsletter, or enter a contest, or request your "freebie"?
  • Is it to hire your service?

Dont stop thinking about it until you are sure that your chosen MWR is the best for your business. Write down whatever comes into your mind. No need to edit at this point. Let the ideas flow. Then change, refine and narrow it down until you are completely satisfied that... Yes! This is my Most Wanted Response.

Setting the MWR focuses you totally on getting a visitor to fulfill the action that will generate income for you, whatever that may be.

My most wanted response for you is to call me and arrange a time where we can sit down for an hour and discuss your business and how I might be able to increase your customers and profits using some online strategies.




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