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Paul Williams Devon


Paul Williams
& Mentem Marketing


Mentem Marketing was founded by Paul Williams to answer the need for reliable, down-to-earth and dedicated online business marketing services.

Between Paul and his team are years of successful pay per click management experience, marketing and business management expertise, copywriting and design skills, and a good all-round awareness of helping clients to push for more sales.

Paul's career began in publishing, marketing and copywriting, then managing the marketing for Toyota and Lexus, before becoming more actively involved with Google and Pay Per Click AdWords management.

He has successfully managed many pay per click accounts for clients within a UK PPC agency, saving and producing thousands of pounds for some clients through refined techniques and know-how. Paul also brings a true understanding of the sharp end of business to his consultancy - having spent his own money in advertising for years, he really knows what it's like to depend on marketing for the survival of your business.

Paul treats his clients as business partners which is why he is so selective in choosing who he works with.

Paul's intuitive and intelligent grasp of the customer experience and the psychology of response blends perfectly with his technical know-how and marketing expertise. Paul also offer a unique and warm approach in what can seem like a cut-throat industry! Whilst other agencies get bogged down in techno-babble, number-crunching or flashy but pointless endeavours, Paul provides a human insight that is imperative to any successful advertising campaign.

Subliminal Mind PrimingAn avid researcher into human potential, Paul enjoys all angles of personal development including psychology, NLP, mind power, neuroscience, subconscious communication, hypnosis, the science of peak performance and subliminal programming.

In his spare time, Paul researches the science behind preconscious programming and writes, records and publishes a unique range of peak performance audio subliminal priming solutions.  His books, available on Amazon have helped people make positive changes in their lives, including weight loss, stop smoking and confidence.

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