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Don't Make The #1 Online Mistake...

A professionally-produced website is important for any business today, yet most sites under perform for two simple reasons - lack of traffic and failing to turn visitors into leads or sales. Any website can be 'knocked up' in minutes thanks to thousands of themes availble, but there is more to creating a hard-working, business generating site than a slick web designer pressing the 'install' button. 

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Everything You Need, In One Place

If you're looking to turn up the heat on your site and make it not only earn it's keep, but grow your business with new streams of visitors and converting those visitors into leads, enquiries, orders and sales - you've come to the right place.

3-Step Plan For Increased Profits.

Most business owners are too busy working "in" the business and have no time to work "on" the business.  This is a small but critical shift in thinking that can lead to business growth and development rather than day-to-day survival.  Take a few moments to consider your goals for revenue, both in the short and long term.


Traditional marketing doesn't work as well anymore. Your customers are looking for you online with 83% of people searching first online before making a local product or service purchase. 98% of searchers choose a business they find on the first page. Find out which online strategies could be applied to your business right now to get the edge over your competitors.


Open your diary and find an hour to sit down with me, Paul Williams, for a free confidential chat about how your profits can be increased.  We are not a faceless marketing agency who outsources to another faceless agency, but a small team of dedicated Internet professionals who spend day and night in the online trenches. I can't guarantee we will be able to help, and I can't promise it will be easy. But if you're looking to achieve new levels of profitability we should talk.  I'm happy to come and see you personally - morning, afternoon or evening- no slick sales, no confusing jargon, no pressure, no crap.  Just honest, genuine and open discussion to allow you place your best foot forward. I'd love a coffee, milk, no sugar.

Mentem: Your Online Marketing Partner.

We have the in-house skills and resources to help make your business goals a reality. Relax in the knowledge that you're being looked after and the complex world of digital marketing isn't that complex after all. It all starts with a chat...

 Creative Solutions

Making full use of our marketing know-how you'll benefit from proven tested real world solutions and not just fancy thinking. We are here to help you make extra profits.

CMS Icon Reporting

Simple reporting and analytics are availble designed to be understood and giving you the full picture fast so your finger will forever remain on the pulse.

Secret Formula

We don't have magic wands, black boxes or smoke and mirrors. The secret of our success comes from an ancient formula passed down from the Greats - years of dedication, skill and bloody hard work!

Support Icon Supporting You

From simple changes to full on troubleshooting when required, we walk the extra mile. We may be an invisible member of your team but we are on-hand and available for you 24/7.

Get More Customers Automatically

Your customers are looking for you online.  We can help you be found. Call or email Paul Williams today to arrange a free no-holds barred consultation and see how between us we can get Google to send you more leads, enquiries, customers and clients - and more profit.